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DustyOldCars.com specializes in classic and antique automobiles. Each of our cars has a story, and whether we find them sitting in a museum, hiding in a barn, or lying in pieces in a field, we do our best to bring them back to life and send them to a great new home. We buy cars from all over the United States, and we always try to keep a wide variety of vehicles in stock. With each project we take on and every car we sell, we aim to provide a wonderful experience to the next owner.

Unlike many restoration shops and dealers, we won’t tell you that our cars are flawless. In fact, we’re proud to say that we don’t sell perfect cars. Instead, we find the cars that need a little love but still have the potential to be fun daily drivers, unique hot rods, or even show winners. We inspect them, repair them, and work with buyers to offer a unique and gratifying buying experience, and our sales team coordinates with our mechanics to fully disclose all the virtues and problems with each car. Whether you’re looking for a full restoration project or a daily driver that only needs minimal work, our sales and mechanic teams can connect you with the classic car or truck that you’ve always dreamed of, and all for a price that won’t make you cringe.

We’re located in Nashua, New Hampshire, just an hour north of Boston and five minutes off US-3. Manchester-Boston Regional airport is just 30 minutes away and we’re happy to pick up out-of-town buyers. Come see us!

Please call our Sales Team with any questions about the inventory: (603) 818-8511
Call our Buying & Consigning Team if you are interested in selling/consigning us a Dusty Old Car: (603) 818-8539
Or shoot us a note or a comment at info@dustyoldcars.com