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Paul E. | ★★★★★ August 2016

Recently purchased an old Italian sports car from these guys and really liked the experience. The car had many photos to review enabling a thorough examination before committing to purchase. I decided to pick-up the car myself, as opposed to having it delivered, and found the staff extremely customer service oriented. The car was loaded on my trailer for me and buckled down for a secure and safe trip home. Along with my visit, I received a tour of the facility and its contents. What an amazing trip down memory lane as I saw long forgotten cars I grew up with such as 70’s Lincolns and 80’s firebirds. For a guy growing up through the 70’s and 80’s, seeing all these old dusty cars brought back an assortment of long lost recollections from my past that provided some interesting memories to ponder on my way home. I have never seen a dealership, such as this, selling so many cars from this era. Very interesting business model and I wish them much success pursuing this unique market!!

Joseph C.| ★★★★★ July 2016

I just completed my first purchase ever of a car online, sight unseen. I was a bit nervous about the process but Brandon from DOC was great. He answered my emails/calls quickly and helped in anyway he could. The car was represented honestly and he even mentioned what he thought the car would need in the near future (tires). They made sure the car was ready to go. Lane assisted me with arranging the shipping. They even offered to assist me when I had an issue registering the car in NJ after the purchase and asked me to let them know how I made out. Great experience. Thanks to all at DOC.

Brian S. | ★★★★★ May 2016

I found Dusty old cars when I was trying to sell some of my cars (20 Cars) Some of the cars were in good shape some of them were not so good. But they took them all… They transported them all to their facility. Detailed them for an extensive photo shoot and put on their website. Some of the cars sold fast. Some took longer. Thankfully the dusty old cars crew kept me in the loop throughout the process. Much easier than trying to sell them on my own. I let them deal with all the scammers, Joy riders ect.. that you get off the internet. I tried selling them on my own and it was a nightmare. Thank you to Stephan, Jason and cam for selling My car collection. when it was all over I bought a 1956 Cadillac from Stephan that did not have any keys.. I picked it up knowing that I would have to get a locksmith to make me a new set of keys. When I got it home I figured I would try some old keys that I had laying around Nothing worked. Then I remembered My pride and joy 1965 corvette that I have owned since 1975 had a similar key. I tried the key and it worked…I had to call Stephan to let him Know. He said see that car was meant to be yours.. Thanks again Stephan and the gang at Dusty old cars

Randy C. | ★★★★★ July 2016

I dealt with Josh when finalizing the purchase of a 1976 AMC Gremlin. He was very professional and was able to answer all of my questions. He was also very knowledgeable about classic cars which is nice to come across these days. Due to a family health issue I was not able to finalize the purchase of this car. I very much appreciated the time and effort that the DOC team spent with me and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for that special car.

Elle K. | ★★★★★ June 2016

I have had the best possible experience with Dusty Old Cars. I bought a 1990 MB560sec from Brandon Miller, who from the beginning has been extremely helpful, honest and gone above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with the car.

After being wrongfully diagnosed by a mechanic in NYC, Brandon immediately shipped the car back up to NH to check it and make sure nothing was wrong. The car runs great and I could not be happier with it. The service that Brandon has provided, always replying swiftly to my concerns and being patient in explaining everything in detail has been incredible.

The whole team is very professional and they have a great stock of cars. I doubt I’ll ever want another car – but if I do Dusty Old Cars is my first stop.

Dustin S. | ★★★★★ June 2016

My experience with Dusty’s Old Cars was very positive. I live in NY and since they are in NH, I only saw the car online. Josh on their sales team was very helpful in answering all my questions. They spent a few weeks making sure the vehicle was in great shape and the delivery was seamless. The car is even better than what was advertised and they were a real pleasure to deal with. I give them my highest possible recommendation.

Robert G. | ★★★★★ June 2016

I just wanted to share my experience with Dusty Old Cars. I consigned my early second generation Camaro with DOC in the fall. They marketed the vehicle superbly and it quickly sold. Unfortunately there were some complications with the sale on the buyers end. When I connected with DOC to inquire, I has strong support from the owner down which consisted of personal telephone calls and timely responses to email. The situation was resolved and my experience with DOC and the professional manner in which they supported me was so good, that I purchased another vehicle from their incredible inventory. Just wanted to say thank you to Stephan, Brandon, and the rest of the crew at DOC.

Dave L. | ★★★★★ June 2016

Dear Josh; Everythings working out great with the 1949 Chrysler. Thank you for your fine work, honesty, and kindness. Even the radio works! Just needed a little T.L.C. I love this car!! Its a lifer! Sincerely, Dave Jamgochian Lynn, Mass.

June M. | ★★★★★ May 2016

Brandon Miller was extremely helpful when I looked at a 2005 Cadillac XLR . The car was exactly as advertised. It was immaculate. I even test drove the car and it drove beautifully.

Brandon was courteous and knowledgeable about the car.

From my experience, I would recommend this establishment.

Rob R. | ★★★★★ April 2016

Great buying experience. Pictures on the website help tell the story. We bought a 1980 VW rabbit, as a first car for our son. Worked with Brandon who was very professional and followed up with great customer service. I have recommended DOC to friends and family and would go back myself.

Tom S. | ★★★★★ March 2016

Wanted to say Thank You to the DOC staff Josh,Brandon and crew.

I was able to purchase my first classic car and “YES” DOC was top notch, from negotiations of sale to delivery of car in Northern KY.

DOC is passionate about classic cars and relationships with their customers.

Review #2: 3/23/16 Josh & Brandon, The 1970 Chev Impala Convertible I purchased in Nov 2015 has been so much fun and I have actually had some offers to sell, my comment “Not for Sale”. I took a leap of faith and bought car without test drive. You Guys were spot regarding history of the car and YES, I do believe it has the original miles, DOC never committed to “original miles” however , Josh commented, ” the car sure feels like it has original miles”, and Its one of mine “favorites”. Josh, you were spot on! I continue to search DOC website looking for my next purchase. Thank, You DOC Scott from Northern KY.

Tom C. | ★★★★★ May 2016

IBought a third gen firebird sight unseen. It was exactly as described, and could not be happier. Brandon took his time to reach out to me personally and make sure I was happy. He also made sure the shipping was both affordable and timely. These guys do it right!

Barnara L. | ★★★★★ March 2016

I was looking for a convertible and found Dusty old cars on line. Their web page is very informative, easy to navigate and very well done. It is very helpful to see this many photos of a car and one gets a good feeling about what the car is about. Lane took a lot of time to show us around and we could get a full impression of the variety of cars and also of his passion about this cars. Josh, the sales manager, was just great to work with. He is very experienced, very friendly and very honest about their cars. Josh was giving us his honest opinion and was not hiding anything about the car. It was just wonderful to do business with him. I will recommend whole heartedly Dusty old Cars to anybody who is interested in classic cars and a great experience!!

Carlton I. | ★★★★★ June 2016

I purchased a 1966 Buick / 225.. This is my first classic car I was very nervous. I must say Dusty Old Cars made life much easier. Shout out to Brandon Miller the Tom Brady of sales, he was step by step very helpful & took me to the promise land. To all of those out there that are contemplating . Dusty Old Cars Rocks ****

Joseph A. | ★★★★★ April 2016

This 5 star review is due to the owner, Stephan Condodemetraky, willingness to take time to talk to a customer and make sure the consignment deal was handled in the correct manner. I consigned my 1960 Mercury Montclair with Dusty Old Cars and although there was a delay in the payment because it was shipped to a purchaser in Dubai and an issue with the original invoice, the owner was willing to both email me and call me up personally to fix the issues that the other representatives were unable to help me with. I greatly appreciate the help provided by Stephen and although the process was far from smooth I know their move to Nashua, NH during this process had a part to play in the matter.

8/17/2014 | Dan| ★★★★★ May 2016

Wow.. Probably the biggest stock of old vehicles I’ve seen.. Brandon was very knowledgeable and coureous.. Would love to go back soon.. Thank you!!!

John M. | ★★★★★ June 2016

I just bought 2 cars from DOC. They arrived as advertised, and were well priced compared to similar cars on eBay. Buy with confidence.

Chris M. | May 2016 ★★★★★

I bought a truck a couple weeks ago, and ran into an oil leak Dusty Old Cars helped split the cost of the repairs. Great service!!!

It was a pleasure working with the staff while I was in the area. Thank you again.

Alex P. | March 2016★★★★★
vGreat crew, I’m very pleased with my recent purchase. Brandon and Josh were professional and knowledgable. The car was great as promised and I drove it 3+ hours home without a problem. This will definitely not be my last purchase from Dusty Old Cars.

Bruce L. | June 2016★★★★★

I recently purchased a 1989 Triumph Spitfire from them. The car is fun to drive in the warm weather. I would recommend anyone looking for a decent priced but not perfect car to look into buying from them. I did have some small issues, but they worked with me to resolve them. Thanks

Bruce L.
Keith R. | March 2016★★★★★

I wanted to say thank you to Brandon and the staff at Dusty old cars. Buying a vintage car and buying it sight unseen requires a lot of confidence from who you are buying it from. You have to go by what they say so you need people who keep their word. I am an old school guy so keeping your word is paramount. In my book, I’m not sure there is much else that defines character. I am truly happy with the crew at DOC and very happy with “Cruella”, the name my kids have given to the 1969 Cadillac DeVille. Drives like a dream and looks like a work of art from a time when automobiles were about the journey and not the destination. As with any old cars, the bumps in the road were resolved in a fair manner and if I ever need another classic I know where Im going to get it!

Geoff W. | April 2016★★★★★

WOW! I’m still in a little bit of shock as our black ’65 Lincoln droptop with suicide doors showed up last week looking AND driving even better than I expected! Tough to buy a classic car over the internet, sight unseen, but I trusted these NH boys and man, did they come through!!! Brandon and the whole Dusty Old Cars team totally ROCK! Now, back to my new baby…

Olivier T.| April 2016 ★★★★★

a big thank you dustyoldcars and josh I bought 1 mg mgb superb at a very competitive price I ‘m french and I josh found 1 cheap carrier to send directly home in France thank you for your professionalism I bought the car without seeing it making you confidence and I was not disappointed

Harper Z. | April 2016★★★★★

I recently put a down payment on a vehicle that I was excited to get shipped to me in Ohio. A few days later, I learned from coworkers and social media that my place of employment may be closing. I contacted Josh at Dusty Old Cars and explained the situation to him. He agreed to refund my deposit since my job is at stake and I can no longer afford the vehicle I was going to buy. The employees at DOC have been informative, helpful, communicative and easy to work with. Thank you again for all your help!

Tim L. | May 2016★★★★★

Dusty Old Cars was great to work with, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The process was easy, I never felt like I was getting pressured or rushed, all around positive experience.

Ray L. | March 2016★★★★★

Dusty Old Cars is an extremely reputable, customer service oriented used car company dealing in vintage cars. What you see on their website is what you get. If you have a problem before, during or after the sales process these gentlemen will do everything they can to assist you. The owner Stephan is a man of his word and Brandon Miller is great Sales Manager. I purchased a vintage Mercedes convertible from the 1980’s which had a few minor issues. They addressed them all and were extremely diligent with follow up and follow through. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for vintage automobiles you will not be disappointed!

JLD | January 2016★★★★★

Dusty old cars Brandon is the best, ive never bought a car online before but when i found their 71 roadrunner gtx i just had to have it and brandon walked me through every step, from the purchase to the electronic paperwork and the delivery, brandon took care of all of it even after hours, he was completely honest about every aspect of the car (71 roadrunner gtx) it’s my first hotrod and it needs some work but nothing major, it runs great and I’d very much suggest dusty old cars to anyone that wants an older car not restored for a great price, shipping took a while but be patient, I was and it was well worth it, special thanks to brandon. Also just wanted to add the whole team from dusty old cars that I spoke with were so friendly, professional and helpful, thank you dusty old cars crew.

Samuel P. | February 2016★★★★★

I’ve wanted to buy a classic for a while, and a friend of mine recommended these New Hampshire guys. At first, I was hesitant because I live all the way out in LA, but my experience could’t have gone smoother.

Brandon helped me narrow down the car I wanted. He was very candid in describing the pros and cons of each vehicle. I ended up with a ’63 Buick Electra.

And I should thank Cameron too for shipping this car out so quickly. It’s beautiful, it drives well, and I got a fair deal on it.

Five stars.

Andres F. | December 2015★★★★★

Starting with the amazing website the experience of buying my VW beetle 1967 was simply awesome. On the website there is hundreds of pictured of the car showing the actual condition, no modifications to the pics or photoshoping! What it is showed is what you’ll get on delivery! The staff was always helpful regarding answrring questions and making the purchase a smooth process. I was extremely surprised with the quality of service. They arranged for a very professional and timely delivery.If I had another garage to park more cars I would definitely buy from them again!!! Flawless experience!

Melinda W. | December 2015★★★★★

As the President and owner of my own business for the last 15 years, as well as a Professional Firefighter for 20. I know firsthand what it takes to be successful. The answer is having great employees, honesty, and appreciation for each and every customer. Having worked with Dusty Old Cars over the last year, it is obvious that they have that philosophy down as well. After my daughter purchased a classic car privately it was soon obvious that due to its size, steering and brakes it was not the car for her. She is 4’8 and 85 lbs. The fact that she is a nanny and it had no rear seat belts also made it clear that this car had to go. When your 18 years old you often leap first and look later. We contacted Dusty Old Cars and sent them some photos. Her 1963 Buick with only 64,000 miles was just what they specialize in. They sent a flatbed to our home located over an hour away and after loading it carefully, it was on its way. They took professional photos showing every angle and quickly had it listed for sale. My 18 year old daughter was forced to take a second auto loan to purchase a car that would allow her to meet her job requirements. She now had 2 car payments and two insurance payments. When it became obvious as she prepared to start college that she could no longer afford both vehicles, the owner Stephan purchased her vehicle from her and even gave her a little extra for school. A very class act not seen today in business where profit often means everything. I hope one day to purchase a classic vehicle from them and if I ever had to consign another one, it would definitely be with Dusty Old Cars given my very positive experience.

Sincerely, Michael Watts
Cindy S. | December 2015★★★★★

The guys at Dusty Old Cars made selling my classic car so easy! The staff were so friendly and kept me updated along the way. The only work I had to do was sit back and wait for my check to arrive.I cant wait until I am ready to purchase another classic car..I know where I will Go…Dusty Old Cars!!! ~Cindy

Tom O. | May 2016★★★★★

Quick to reply to my many emails and concerns. Car came in an honest condition exactly as described.

Ron P. | August 2015★★★★★

I consigned my 63 Ranchero to DOC. The car was detailed, ads and listings with about a hundred photos were posted, all within a day from pickup. When the vehicle sold, Stephan contacted me to let me know a check would be forthcoming. When the check arrived, a statement was attached detailing the sale price and all expenses. I had a question about the details; it seems perhaps a math error had been made. I contacted Stephan and we went over the invoice together. Sure enough, a mistake had been made. No problem. Stephan made it right and I received an additional check to correct the error. Dusty Old Cars sold a vehicle that I had been trying to sell on my own for quite a long time. They have a wide network of buyers and sellers and are well connected within the classic car industry. From a marketing point of view its safe to say they know how to get the word out. I would not hesitate to consign my next classic car or truck to DOC if and when the time comes to sell it.

Rick V. | Agust 2015★★★★★

I bought a 79 Dodge truck from Dusty Old Cars and am very happy with it and the buying experience. One of the things that impressed me was the many photos of the truck since I was also buying it sight unseen. The photos in those important areas where rust can hide.suggested to me they were honestly representing the condition of the vehicle and I was not disappointed, The actual truck matched what was represented on the website. Look forward to working you again next time I’m in the market for a vintage vehicle.

Nick R. | July 2015★★★★★

I had a good experience w/ Dusty Old Cars. Car was pretty much exactly like the description. Rust free, clean strong mechanically. The description did say A/C worked, but A/C compressor was not even on car if you looked at their photos. No harm, no foul there, there was nothing intentional there because it was right in the photos. Buying and selling older vehicles is a tough thing to do, especially over the internet. So do you homework, D.O.C.’ tries to represent them to their very best knowledge and ability. My state requires titles on all vehicles regardless of age. So the title took awhile to get from their state of New Hampshire, but not D.O.C.’s fault. Anyways all in all, no complaints on the car i purchased or dealing w/ Dusty Old Cars.

Ian C. | February 2016★★★★★

Great guys,Brandon very nice. Not bought yet as I’m in the UK. Find it daunting as I’ve NEVER EVER BOUGHT UNSEEN!!!

Christopher R. | September 2015★★★★★

Great cars great prices.

Don M. | September 2015 ★★★★★

Good Guys. I consigned my 1964 Ford with Dusty Old Cars however, several months later my job changed and required a move out of state, which required me to take the car back. The car had not sold, and while Dusty Old Cars invested money into marketing and storing they had not recouped their costs. However, Stephan the president still honored the contract, even though it cost him money. He stated that to keep his word and still do business was more important than making a buck. Now that’s not something you hear often about used car salesmen. I was impressed that while he is in the business to make money, his reputation and honor seem to be more important to him than his bank account! Not to mention when I left he still gave me a written review on my car and items he suggested I work on to give it more value and to make it more appealing to a prospective buyer.

G Sonor. May 2016★★★★★

Bought a convertible Trans Am, very strong running car and drives very nice. Never bought a car out of state and they walked me through it.

Edmund G. | February 2016★★★★★

I bought a 1974 BMW 2002 it was a pleasure doing business with DOC . Brandon answered all my questions about the car. I don’t mind saying I was a little nervous buying a car over a thousand miles away But over 300 pictures including the underside really helped calm my nerves.I would definitely buy there again or send a friend there.

8/7/2014 | Steve Jones |

I purchased a 1967 Cadillac Coupe de Ville convertible from the guys at Dusty Old Cars. I live in Colorado, but found one of their cars advertised online. I went to the site and was impressed with the large selection of vintage cars. I was interested in an old convertible from the 60s or 70s.

I worked with Brandon, the Sales Manager. Throughout the process, we was incredibly helpful, and went out of his way to make this a great experience. Through the process, I discovered that I could trust him completely.

I was purchasing this car for a road trip, and he made sure the car was as roadworthy as if he were taking the trip himself. And when it was discovered that a few extra unanticipated repairs were required, he did them at his expense.

I would recommend Dusty Old Cars to anyone, to shop and buy from them without hesitation. These are good, honest, trustworthy guys

4/6/2014 | V. K. | Jeff Barada

I was perusing the interweb for about 6 weeks when I found D.O.C. and could not believe the very car I had been seeking was there! I called and now I drive my sweet sweet ride everyday.It arrived in the condition I expected and with some clean up and a couple of easy fixes(fuel pump,battery cable) she was on the road! D.O.C. was with me all the way from down payment through getting a new title.Although I think the transporters could have been a little more careful(stressed out the parking break) .I am pleased and happy with my purchase.I would recommend these guys to anyone veteran or novice ,like myself,seeking tht special car.

3/24/2014 | Dan C.

We sold 6 “orphan” cars to Dusty Old Cars and couldn’t be happier with the transaction. From the minute we asked if there was interest in our cars to the final load, we were treated respectfully and kept fully informed of the process. Payment was immediate and without any hassle. If we come across any other “dusty old cars” you can be sure we’ll contact Dusty Old Cars first. Thank you.

2/5/2014 | Dan

Just passing on a good business experience:

I sold a car to Dusty Old Cars from out of state. After a few phone calls we agreed on a price and exchanged the appropriate paperwork and I was paid in full very promptly. Once the car was picked up and delivered to NH, an unseen issue arose. The owner of the company called me and we discussed the issue. We reached a mutually agreeable solution to the issue very quickly.

I recommend Dusty Old Cars of NH to anyone that is interested in selling their dusty old car.

Chris – 1950 Buick Super

We really have enjoyed working on the 63 Continental. It should be another 3 weeks and the car will roll out looking like it did in 1963. I will forward you photos so you can pass them on to the previous owner.

Please keep a look out for any more 1961 to 1965 Continentals. We need to keep the year models between these years. Hard tops are great not much into the convertile due to the cost to replace and the extra work, but will consider according to cost.

When you get any in please give me a call first before you list them. If we are in agreement on price i will take it off your hands.

Michael – 1963 Lincoln Continental

I am very happy with my 1974 Lincoln, it actually only needed miminal work, tires ac charge aiglinment and front shocks no surprises pretty much what i knew the car needed engine running real strong had checked out by mechanic and for the price he was impressed got sheepskin seat cover for seat just wanted to let you know im a happy customer.

Bill – 1974 Lincoln Mark IV

The Lancer came just before 9:30 last night – the carrier and his wife were terrific and we were able to accomodate their schedule and mine. Haven’t driven it yet but it looks and sounds terrific – safely in my garage until it all gets registered, etc this week. What a cool car – very complete. Best regards

David – 1961 Dodge Lancer 770

Hi Marshall, got the Galaxie in the UK yesterday,and all is pretty much as you described, I love it!!!!!! Thanks.

Mick – 1965 Ford Galaxie

I want to thank you for helping me on my recent purchase. The car was as advertised. With a little restoration work to the details, I will have a car to be proud of for many years to come.

Darryl – 1965 Lincoln Continental

Excellent, watch this space then Marshall! Very happy after sorting out a couple of things first and doing a bit more homework on the car. We have a deal. Thanks again for your intense professionalism, dealing with you is a pleasure.

Mick – 1965 Galaxy 500 Hardtop

I wanted to personally thank you and your business partner for working with me on my recent purchase. I greatly appreciate all you’ve done to make this purchase possible.

Darryl – 1951 Chevrolet Styleline

I just want to thank you and let you know that I received the Title for the Porsche 912. I’ll keep you updated in the progress of the car. Remenber you got friends in Florida “us”. :)

Mike & Millie – 1967 Porsche 912 has great deals on antique cars. I just purchased a 1971 VW Convertible Bug and am very satisfied. Kudos to the sales team, specifically Marshall for bending over backwards for me. There had been a little miscommunication in the beginning about how I was going to be paying the balance and and when I showed up to pay, it wasn’t ready for pickup. They thought that they had a couple of more days. But they worked with me and kept the car for a week while fixing the horn, blower, some switches and wiring on the car. They also gave me a newer set of tires for it to replace the ones that had dry rot….